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Biz to Biz Member Events

11-06-2014 Peoria Chapter Visitor's Day
Submitted by: David Robert (Peoria 1)
11-12-2014 Small Business Mixer
Submitted by: Janell Kennedy (Goodyear)
12-03-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Susan Rowe (Surprise Business Builders)

11-12-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Kendra Swanson (Synergy 30)

10-07-2014 Visitor's Day - Monticello
Submitted by: Myron Yatckoske (Monticello)
10-08-2014 VISITOR DAY
Submitted by: Shanon McGaver (Elk River Business Builders)
10-09-2014 Coon Rapids Biz to Biz Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Kathy Hanratty (Coon Rapids Biz to Biz)
10-09-2014 Team Building Event
Submitted by: Robert Hoye (Forest Lake 1)
10-15-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Erin Janke (Plymouth)
10-15-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: John Miller (St Cloud 2)
10-16-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Jerry Peters (Ramsey)
10-22-2014 Visitor's Day - St. CLoud Business Builders
Submitted by: Jana Festler (St Cloud Business Builders)
10-22-2014 St. Michael Rogers Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Geoffrey Anda (St Michael Rogers)
10-23-2014 Fall 2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Jesse Godzala (Sauk Rapids)
10-24-2014 Harvest Moon Benefit
Submitted by: Pat Donlin (St Cloud Business Builders)
10-28-2014 Oakdale Vistor's Day
Submitted by: Leslie Schultz (Oakdale)
11-05-2014 Monticello Chapter Networking Happy Hour
Submitted by: Stefanie Wagner (Monticello)

10-07-2014 Visitor Day
Submitted by: Courtney Dann McAdams (Helena)
10-11-2014 Prepare and Protect
Submitted by: Kristina Cumber (Billings)
10-21-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Renee Gaugler NMLSR ID 400368 (Bozeman 3)
10-23-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Katie Forrest (Belgrade)
10-28-2014 Visitor Day
Submitted by: Jena Sabatini (Helena 2)
10-30-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Cricket Sparks (Kalispell Business Builders)
11-03-2014 Fall Back To Health
Submitted by: Kellyn Milani (Bozeman 5)
11-05-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Janet Glenn (Bozeman 7)
11-05-2014 Couples Massage and Stress Relief Workshop
Submitted by: Michelle Hendrickson (Bozeman 9)
11-05-2014 Fall Visitors Day
Submitted by: Lorena Kirby (Flathead Business Professionals)
11-06-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Tim Willis (Kalispell)
11-06-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Randy Bloom (Kalispell 4)
11-12-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Zachary Schmidt (Bozeman 5)
11-18-2014 Biz to Biz Bozeman 6 visitors day
Submitted by: Amber Guth (Bozeman 6)

10-29-2014 Visitors Day Westlake
Submitted by: Mike Vakos (Westlake)
11-11-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Jessica Wyatt (Avon)

10-16-2014 Biz to Biz Tacoma Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Jerry Tuisl (Tacoma Infinity Group)
10-22-2014 B-Town Biz to Biz Visitors Day
Submitted by: Matthew Wendland (B-Town Biz to Biz)
10-29-2014 Federal Way Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Tamera Camp (Federal Way)
11-04-2014 Visitor's Day Fall 2014
Submitted by: Carla Breeden-Conrad (Federal Way 2)
11-12-2014 West Seattle Chapter Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Tiffany Fuentes (West Seattle)
11-13-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Sandi JacQuart (Lakeland Hills)
11-18-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Sandra JacQuart (Renton)
11-19-2014 Biz to Biz Seattle Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Charles Lindberg (Seattle)
11-30-2014 Adopt a Family
Submitted by: James & Susan Moss (Federal Way)
12-21-2014 Benefit concert for Sharing Heart In Nepal
Submitted by: Woo Shin (Federal Way)

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