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Biz to Biz Member Events

04-30-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Kendra Swanson (Synergy 30)

04-03-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Cindy Nunnery (Sterling Heights)

04-10-2014 St. Cloud 1 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Lisa Dempsey (St. Cloud 1)
04-22-2014 Monticello Visitor's Day 04-22-14
Submitted by: Chad Lofgren (Monticello)
04-24-2014 Elk River Connections Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Tim Gamrath (Elk River Connections)
Submitted by: Shannon Strobel (Forest Lake 1)
04-24-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Korine Cook (Princeton)
04-24-2014 Visitor's Day 2014!
Submitted by: Nick Bednarczyk, CFP (Ramsey)
04-30-2014 St. Cloud 2 Visitor's Day - 04-30-14
Submitted by: John Miller (St Cloud 2)
05-07-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Erin Janke (Plymouth)
05-07-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Julie Roste (St Cloud Business Builders)
05-14-2014 Elk River Business Builders Visitor's Day - Wed. May 14th 8:15 am - 9:30 am
Submitted by: Shannon McGaver (Elk River Business Builders)

04-09-2014 Spring 2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Lorena Kirby (Flathead Business Professionals)
04-10-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Adam Manninen (Bozeman 4)
04-12-2014 1 Year Anniversary Celebration
Submitted by: Ali Schweitzer & Josh Prange (Bozeman 8)
04-15-2014 Bozeman 3 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Renee Gaugler (Bozeman 3)
04-23-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Stephanie Hartman (Bozeman 2)
04-23-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Zachary Schmidt (Bozeman 5)
04-24-2014 Kalispell Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Tim Willis (Kalispell)
04-29-2014 Visitor's Day
Submitted by: Jodi Zolynski (Helena 2)
04-30-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Janet Glenn (Bozeman 7)
05-01-2014 Visitors Day
Submitted by: Katie Forrest (Belgrade)

04-12-2014 Live Long Live Healthy with Isagenix
Submitted by: Candice Frantz (Westlake)

04-26-2014 IPSKC Wine Tasting
Submitted by: Christine Elliott Gleason (Federal Way 1)

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