Dr. Jason Gerard
Lakewoods Chiropractic

"Dr Jason has completely changed my life. When I first started with him, I was on over 40 different medications. My cervical curve was negative 2 degrees whereas now it is positive 30 degrees...a major improvement in my health and a completely change in my life. Thank you so much, Dr Jason. You have a gift to bring people back to optimal health. I thank you for your gift of health! " - Heidi Willcocks, Outrageous Tan
"I want to thank Dr. Gerard and his staff on how great my neck and back feels. I use to suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain but since my adjustments, I've lost all lower back and neck pain. If you have any slight back pain please go in and get checked out, I know you won't regret it once you feel healthy again " - Brandon Crowley, www.visualwebgroup.com
"I have gone to Chiropractors for many years, but I have never received the exam and report that Dr. Gerard and his office does. He is one Chiropractor that was able to adjust my husband. Dr Gerard offers once a month educational classes that are FREE to his clients and family to help us learn about our health and surrounds. Always leave feeling good that we made a change in our care." - Mary Beck, Realty Executives
"I have only been going to Dr. Gerard for about 3 months and have been feeling the best I have in yrs. I am so looking forward to my future adjustments. He is has also educated me in my nutritional needs and if your looking for a total body cleanse he is the one to talk to. Thank you Dr. Gerard" - Rachelle Tschida from Spic & Span Cleaning LLC
"If you wanna know why your body is doing what it's doing, talk to Dr. Gerard. It's not just an adjustment it's an education. " - Kasey KnK Flooring
"My daughter suffers from headaches that can not be relieved by Medicine. They have been relieved by Dr. Gerard's adjustments on her spine." -Chelsea Erickson, Nutra Metrix