Paula Rich
Paula Rich Massage

"Paula did a great job making me feel comfortable in our office setting for the chair massage. She was on time, courteous, and the massage was very relaxing!" -Alisha Walker, Krummholz Media Group
"I had a 1-Hour full body table massage that was fantastic! Paula was courteous and professional and has a very reasonable rate, but what my impression really comes down to is how I believe the massage experience was. Having been very tense with tight muscles in my neck, back and shoulders, Paula's massage ranks right up there with the best massages I've ever had. She does it right- and it worked to relieve a lot of my stress! I'll be a regular customer of hers!"- Alicia Walker, Krummholz Media Group
"I had a much needed massage by Paula and it was great! The room was warm, comfortable, and the pressure was perfect! It was just what I needed!" -Callie Atkins, Barefoot Massage