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Bray Real Estate
1015 N 7th St
Grand Junction, CO 81501

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Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
President: Kendra Swanson
Chairman: Karen Gilbride

Industries Included:
Animal Wellness
Essential Oils
Financial Advisor
Interior Design
Massage Therapy
Pet Services
Residential/Commercial Cleaning
VOIP Telecommunications

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Acuity Massage & Advanced Skin Care LLC
Industry · Massage Therapy
Mary Kern
970-609-8899 · Email

Arbonne International
Industry · Nutrition
Karen Gilbride · Chapter Chairman
970-261-2743 · Email · Visit Website

Barks Play and Stay
Industry · Pet Services
Emera Thorton
970-424-8224 · Email · Visit Website

Bray Real Estate
Industry · Realtor
Valerie Nicholson
970-242-3647 · Email · Visit Website

Capital Business Systems
Industry · Printing
Christopher Campbell
970-245-2507 · Email · Visit Website

Charleys Cookies-Ariel
Industry · Bakery
Becky Hobart
970-245-1616 · Email · Visit Website

Core Health Strategies LLC
Industry · Mircocurrent
Mike Anders
970-216-9398 · Email · Visit Website

Industry · Essential Oils
Jennifer Stephens
970-361-6598 · Email

Elevation Now, P.C.
Industry · Chiropractic
Leshae Justis
970-263-9100 · Email · Visit Website

Exceptional Cleaning
Industry · Residential/Commercial Cleaning
Diane Gordon
970-640-5477 · Email

Freedom Animal Wellness
Industry · Animal Wellness
Lindsey Repp
509-386-2724 · Email
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

Grand Mesa CPAs, LLC
Industry · Taxes
PeriAnn Unfred
970-242-3260 · Email · Visit Website

Hays Plumbing and Heating
Industry · Plumbing
Bill Hays
970-245-0885 · Email · Visit Website

Long Point Digital
Industry · Marketing
Stan Stephen
970-549-0777 · Email · Visit Website

Merrill Lynch
Industry · Financial Advisor
Kendra Swanson · Chapter President
970-263-2150 · Email · Visit Website

Pampered Chef
Industry · Kitchenware
Laura Ayers
970-201-2411 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

Peaceful Valley Landscaping LLC
Industry · Landscaping
Ken Majury
970-640-3478 · Email · Visit Website

Sequent Information Systems
Industry · VOIP Telecommunications
Matt Mayhugh
970-254-0855 · Email

Shelter Insurance
Industry · Insurance
Cara Williams
970-314-9183 · Email · Visit Website

Tenbro Design Studio
Industry · Interior Design
Alyssa Falk
970-242-0705 · Email · Visit Website

US Bank
Industry · Banking
Riean Medley
970-858-0537 · Email

We Do Re Do
Industry · Handyman
Ben Gauna
970-234-6131 · Email

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