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The Legacy
4400 Lange Ave Northeast
St. Michael, MN 55376

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Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 8:45 a.m.
President: Josh Hecksel
Vice-Pres: Kimberly Martin
Chairman: Brandon Prell

Industries Included:
Automotive Repair
Automotive Sales
Business, Consumer Banking and Lending
Financial Planner
Granite,Quartz, Natural Stone Counter top Fabrication
Home Inspection
Lawn Care
Nutrition/Essential Oils
Physical Therapy
Real Estate
Screen Printing
Window Cleaning

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American National Bank of MN
Industry · Business, Consumer Banking and Lending
Greg Schultz
763-324-8050 · Email · Visit Website

Chris DeVries Insurance & Financial Services
Industry · Insurance
Christopher DeVries
651-846-8158 · Email · Visit Website

Cinderella Clean
Industry · Cleaning
Taylor Martin
612-202-1625 · Email

Community Development Bank
Industry · Mortgage
Joshua Hecksel · Chapter President
763-488-1210 · Email · Visit Website

Crow River Suspension & Alignment
Industry · Automotive Repair
Terry Little
763-428-2118 · Email

Edward Jones
Industry · Financial Planner
Brandon Prell · Chapter Chairman
763-477-5283 · Email · Visit Website

Emily DeLashmutt Photography
Industry · Photography
Emily DeLashmutt
402-450-0693 · Email

Great Lakes Chiropractic
Industry · Chiropractic
Dr. Kimberly Martin · Chapter Vice President
763-515-6650 · Email · Visit Website

Great Northern Window Cleaning
Industry · Window Cleaning
Steve Jaycox
763-445-9269 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

Health Enhancement Therapies
Industry · Massage
Kimberly Carlson
612-716-6199 · Email · Visit Website

HomeTeam Inspection Services
Industry · Home Inspection
Jim Keister
612-850-3525 · Email · Visit Website

Lazarre Graphics & Apparel
Industry · Screen Printing
Travis Meyer
763-242-6807 · Email · Visit Website

Miller Chevrolet
Industry · Automotive Sales
Dennis Steen
763-428-4500 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

Minnesota Remodeling Solutions
Industry · Remodeling
Cory Moudry
763-428-4888 · Email · Visit Website

Necklen & Oakland Realty
Industry · Real Estate
Ellen Stern
612-240-9321 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy
Industry · Physical Therapy
Dr Josh Cadwallader
612-741-5626 · Email

Paramount Granite Company
Industry · Granite,Quartz, Natural Stone Counter top Fabrication
Aaron Burquest
763.428.4075 · Email · Visit Website

Precision Plumbing
Industry · Plumbing
Daniel Widen
763-497-7486 · Email · Visit Website

Prestigious Lawn Inc.
Industry · Lawn Care
Jason Michaud
763-274-4861 · Email

Reflections Salon
Industry · Salon
Dannyelle Jarvi
763-497-2142 · Email

Industry · Nutrition/Essential Oils
Kristi Smith
763-442-6172 · Email · Visit Website

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