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Waters Church
1227 Pine Cone Rd
Sartell, MN 56377

Courtesy of: Google Mapstm
Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Angie Hill
Vice-Pres: Teresa Baert
Chairman: Jonathan Brenny

Industries Included:
Automotive Accessories
Financial Advisor
Law Firm
Nutrition Health
Promotional Products
Technology Services
Title Company
Wireless Products

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Benusa Appliance Sales and Service
Industry · Appliances
Rachel Templin
320-316-4057 · Email · Visit Website

Cook Counseling Service LLC
Industry · Counseling
Kelly Cook
320-223-0503 · Email · Visit Website

Express Your Style Salon
Industry · Salon
Rosemara Brooks
320-252-6573 · Email · Visit Website

Frandsen Bank & Trust
Industry · Banking
Randy Skarphol
320-968-8780 · Email · Visit Website

Godzala Brenny Real Estate-Edina Realty
Industry · Realtor
Jonathan Brenny · Chapter Chairman
320-493-8143 · Email · Visit Website

Hjort Chiropractic
Industry · Chiropractic
Stefan Stoebc
320-251-3450 · Email

Insurance Advisors, Inc.
Industry · Insurance
Tania Nevares
320-202-0388 · Email · Visit Website

JJJ Construction, Inc.
Industry · Construction
John Stich
320-761-3743 · Email

Juice Plus+ Co
Industry · Nutrition Health
Teresa Baert · Chapter Vice President
320-267-4439 · Email

Kensington Title
Industry · Title Company
Amber Killmer
320-253-1046 · Email

Melissa L Kasella LLC
Industry · Massage
Melissa Kasella
320-251-6422 · Email

Net V Pro
Industry · Technology Services
Keith Swingle
320-493-3668 · Email

Promotional Resources
Industry · Promotional Products
Mara Glader
320-363-0177 · Email · Visit Website

Quinlivan & Hughes, PA
Industry · Law Firm
Jessie Sogge
320-251-1414 · Email

RBC Wealth Management
Industry · Financial Advisor
Carey Groethe
320-656-4766 · Email · Visit Website

Rejuv Medical
Industry · Fitness
Lindsay Swanson
320-217-8480 · Email

Restore 24
Industry · Restoration
Angie Hill · Chapter President
320-257-4994 · Email · Visit Website

Sound Connection Inc.
Industry · Automotive Accessories
Derrick Brasel
320-271-1916 · Email · Visit Website

St. Cloud Federal Credit Union
Industry · Mortgage
Trina Lavigne
320-257-9836 · Email · Visit Website

Verizon / Wireless World
Industry · Wireless Products
Cliff Nations
320-333-8255 · Email · Visit Website

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