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Lambros Real Estate
3011 American Way
Missoula, MT 59808

Courtesy of: Google Mapstm
Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Mackenzie Dixon
Vice-Pres: Josh Eder
Chairman: Carly Tuman

Industries Included:
Estate Planning
Event Planning
Financial Advisor
General Dentistry
Interior Decorating
Legal Services
Massage Therapy
Mortgage Lending
Nail Services
Property Management
Title Insurance

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Bjornson Jones Mungas, PLLC
Industry · Estate Planning
Helen Hauerwas
406-721-8896 · Email · Visit Website

Cherry Creek Radio
Industry · Advertising
Anna Homen
406-381-4872 · Email · Visit Website

"Anna at Cherry Creek Radio has given me wonderful ideas on how to continue to grow my business using radio media. She is always so informative, energetic and excited to work with her clients. I strongly recommend Anna because she is dedicated to making you successful. Thank you Anna for your hard work and devotion!" - Helen Hauerwas, Bjornson Jones Mungas, PLLC
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First American Title
Industry · Title Insurance
Danielle Hallam
406-829-2540 · Email

First Security Bank of Missoula
Industry · Mortgage Lending
Jared Kuehn
406-327-1019 · Email · Visit Website

Froines Law Office
Industry · Legal Services
Chris Froines
406-829-3303 · Email · Visit Website

Grizzly Fireplace
Industry · Fireplaces
John Rice
406-926-3700 · Email

J. Willis Photography
Industry · Photography
Jessica Goulding
406-240-1113 · Email · Visit Website

"Not only was she named Missoula’s Choice WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER for 2016, her talent and eye for capturing life exceeds matrimony. We have used Jessica for over 10 years now as our primary family photographer and she has also provided headshots for us for business purposes. She is so easy to work with and my kids love shooting with her and I have little squirly ones so that’s a big deal. One day, all we’ll have are photos of our family and kids and I’m so blessed that they have all been captured so beautifully by her. We plan on renewing our vows in the next few years and will definitely have her capture those highlights as well. You will not be disappointed." - Chuad Johnson, Isagenix

J.T. Zinn Insurance
Industry · Insurance
Tammy Zinn
406-549-8201 · Email · Visit Website

"If I were to sum up my experiences with John and Tammy at JT Zinn Insurance in 3 words, it would be prompt, thorough, and informative. Any time I have reached out to them for quotes or questions on policies, they respond within a few hours and then follow back up within 24 hours (or less) after they have done their research. I have worked with many insurance agencies over the years in my property management career and they are top of the line when it comes to putting their customers first and working hard to find the best rates. I highly recommend having JT Zinn Insurance comb through your policies to ensure you have proper coverage and competitive rates!" - Carly Tuman, Rodan & Fields

K Design Marketing
Industry · Marketing
Matthew Roe
406-273-6193 · Email · Visit Website

K&M Custom Creations Inc
Industry · Interior Decorating
Kaisha Midkiff
406-396-6746 · Email

Lambros Real Estate
Industry · Realtor
Mackenzie Dixon · Chapter President
406-241-5009 · Email

"I have worked with Mackenzie for 5+ years in the real estate industry. She always goes above and beyond for her clients and works quickly and professionally for each person involved in the transaction. On top of it all her energy and fun personality just sweeten the deal. There is no transaction too small, they are all important to her! I have worked with the best of the best in the real estate industry and she is right at the top with them. " - Carly Tuman, Rodan & Fields

Montana Massage
Industry · Massage Therapy
Joe Beatty
406-549-9244 · Email · Visit Website

"I have dealt with back and neck issues & severe TMJ for several years due to an accident. I received the most amazing massage focusing on my neck and jaw! The knowledge of his staff is evident in the ability to listen and know just how to help!. My massage focusing on my facial muscles helped me during a flare up of my TMJ. I was very grateful, and impressed with the level of care they provide. The office is very calming, quiet and professional! " - Tammy Zinn, J.T. Zinn Insurance

Olson & Peters Dental Group
Industry · General Dentistry
Ashleigh Van Fossen
406-728-2840 · Email · Visit Website

"3 years ago I was heading in for my semi-annual cleaning and checkup at my previous dentist office. I wasn’t thrilled about going (it is the dentist after all) but I thought to myself, there has to be an office that I don’t dread going to. I was referred to Olson & Peters Dental Group. My first appointment far exceeded my expectations of a dental checkup. Their receptionist was friendly and I didn’t have to wait a minute past my ‘scheduled’ appointment. She took a good 10 minutes to learn about my oral history along with a little bit of my personal life. She then proceeded with her work and while working, explained to me what she was doing, along with what I do well and what I need to work on to maintain the best oral health care. Dr. Olson then popped in to say hi and perform his checkup. He too was welcoming, friendly and he thanked me for making the switch which truly made me feel like my business mattered to him. I’m happy to report going to the dentist 2x per year is no longer dreadful and always recommend the awesome staff at Olson & Peters Dental Group." - Carly Tuman, Rodan & Fields

Industry · Event Planning
Kathy Cambridge
406-370-5595 · Email · Visit Website

Real Estate Management Group
Industry · Property Management
Brittni Hertz
406-532-9250 · Email · Visit Website

Rodan & Fields
Industry · Skincare
Carly Tuman · Chapter Chairman
406-471-5233 · Email · Visit Website

"I just love Carly as my Rodan and Fields Consultant. She really cares about helping you solve any problems and care of your skin. My daughter uses the products for acne, and I love the Lash Boost, and am looking forward to trying the Tanning Lotion! She is very interactive with her clients, checking in to see how the products are performing, she is so kind and calls to let me know that it’s time for refills. She is extremely professional, prompt and courteous! If you have any type of skin issues; She’s the gal to call! Thanks Carly for all your help! " - Tammy Zinn, J.T. Zinn Insurance
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Rutherford MacDonald & Olson
Industry · Accounting
Carrie Howard
406-549-2334 · Email

S & Company
Industry · Nail Services
Samantha Sievers
406-546-7891 · Email

"I just love Sam’s expertise when it comes to keeping my nails looking absolutely fabulous! She is the only true nail art professional I have found; having tried several nail tech’s in Missoula. She is amazing. She has done some really cool nail designs for many special occasions that I have. I took a picture into her with an intricate nail art, and she was able to do what I asked far better than I could have imagined. Thanks Sam for doing such an amazing job! For any occasion you might have, or just keeping your nails looking great; She’s the one to call." - Tammy Zinn, J.T. Zinn Insurance
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S.G. Long & Company
Industry · Financial Advisor
Josh Eder · Chapter Vice President
406-721-0999 · Email · Visit Website

"I met Josh through Biz to Biz 9 months ago. I have met with him several times to understand his perspectives on investing and creating a safe but profitable return on investments. He has an abundance of knowledge (10 years experience) and a perfect balance of professionalism and personability for you to feel comfortable with investing your hard earned dollars with him. He is assisting me personally in learning more about life insurance policies and what type of policy suits my family at this time. He turned a confusing process for me, into a positive learning experience which makes me feel so much more at ease investing with him. His passion for his line of work is undeniable and I know he will continue to serve his current and new clients with the best services around!" - Carly Tuman, Rodan & Fields
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Western Montana Spine & Injury Clinic
Industry · Chiropractic
Chris Moore
406-541-7763 · Email · Visit Website

"I have been to several Chiropractic Care Professionals in my life due to a severe car accident 20 years ago. Having to relocated to Montana a few years ago; I needed to find someone to help with back and neck issues. I was very impressed with Chris, as he was empathetic, knowledgeable, and professional. Not only will I be using him for my chronic issues, and being insurance agent I will be giving him all my referrals to my clients who have injury from any accident! Having been a patient of his; I can give those referrals with no hesitation. Thanks Chris, you are outstanding in what you do!" - Tammy Zinn, J.T. Zinn Insurance
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