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Lakeland Hills Community Center
5801 Lakeland Hills Way SE
Auburn, WA 98092

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Meeting Day: Thursday
Meeting Time: 8:15 a.m.
President: Sandi JacQuart
Vice-Pres: Kim Peters
Chairman: Jennifer Peterson
Trainer: Shawn Fowler

Industries Included:
Career Counseling
Family Care
Financial Services
Holistic Healing
HR Consulting
Legal Services
Lifestyle Coach
Marketing Management
Real Estate
Skin Care
Travel Consultant
Window Cleaning

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Allred Heating & Cooling, Electric
Industry · HVAC
Chris Freeman
2532584974 · Email · Visit Website

Blissfully Healthy
Industry · Lifestyle Coach
Emmie Perez
253-468-0881 · Email · Visit Website

Blossom Career
Industry · Career Counseling
Katherine Bouglai
425-502-6975 · Email · Visit Website

Body Dynamix
Industry · Fitness
Jennifer Wolfe
253-442-4997 · Email

"Jenni Wolfe, has changed my life. Can you imagine being over 70 and jumping on a Pilates reformer? I can because I do it! A few months ago, I might have laughed at that possibility. Not so any more. Jenni has given me my body back. Getting older, you might think your aches and pains are just from aging and not reversible. Not necessarily so. I cannot say enough about Jenni. If you want to become your best self with your body, mind, and spirit, you will find Jenni will help you get there. Highly recommend this talented, personal trainer. " - Coralee Kulman, Come Alive Today
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Bowers Plumbing LLC
Industry · Plumbing
Justin Williams
253-218-1410 · Email · Visit Website

BWR Consulting PLLC
Industry · Legal Services
Brent Williams-Ruth
425-830-5134 · Email · Visit Website

"To discuss wills and end of life wishes is not a comfortable discussion. However, this is something that if we do want our wishes followed must be put in writing and made legal. I was very impressed with Brent how as difficult it was to discuss this he immediately made me know that he was there to listen, to ask questions to help him understand my wishes. He allowed me to choose the place and time, of course that was also helpful. I never felt rushed nor did I feel that my questions was silly, even though after I did ask one I knew it was. He answered each one until we both was comfortable that he understood. I highly recommend Brent for preparing your wills and other services he offers." - Carolyn Tolliver, Tolliver’s Travel
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Caliber Home Loans
Industry · Mortgage
Sandi Green · Chapter President
206-631-2211 · Email

"When we are investing in a home we want everyone that is helping to have our best interest. We want someone that will take the time to understand our needs, to ensure that we receive accurate information. Sandi not only stay update with current information, she also has a team that she leads that will work for you as hard as she will. Sandi want to keep you as a client and you will feel comfortable recommending her because you will never receive better service. When purchasing a home, why not choose the best and someone that is above all the rest. Give Sandi her a call." - Carolyn Tolliver, Tolliver’s Travel
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CAP Construction
Industry · Remodeling
Chad Poznanski
541-701-4747 · Email

"After we had our front door kicked-in. Chad picked up the new door at Home Depot, came to our house and in less than 3 hours removed, replaced and securely installed the new door, cleaned up and hauled the old door away. It was fast and simple. Good contractors are always busy - Chad made it work and we are extremely happy with the end result." - Carla Conrad, The Brand Wrangler

Come Alive Today
Industry · Coaching
Coralee Kulman
253-927-5668 · Email · Visit Website

"I have had three visits with Coralee so far and I must say they have been enjoyable. I wanted to meet with Coralee more as a business coach to assist me in keeping a balance in my life. I am amazed how much she comprehends just by listening. She doesn’t write one note down and when I receive her email summaries, she is always spot on in her perception of what my concerns are or simply my thoughts about my business and personal life. I look forward to meeting with Coralee because it makes me stop and think about what is really going on around me. Life can get so busy that I don’t take time to appreciate what is around me. Thank you Coralee for simply just being you. " - Kim Peters, Peters Insurance Agency
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Covington Chiropractic
Industry · Chiropractic
Neal Vitalis
253-630-9777 · Email
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

"Dr Vitalis, has been my Chiropractic for many years. When I started going to him, I was in continuance pain and discomfort. Dr Vitalis took the time to not only talk to me but did many test that would show where the problem was. He put me on a plan that not only reduced my pain it was in a timely manner. His schedule for me was to help me get better quickly and to be able to maintain it. Being on a plan that help maintain rather than one that would keep me coming for years. I highly recommend Dr Vitalis if you do need Chiropractic care." - Carolyn Tolliver, Tolliver’s Travel

DF Marketing
Industry · Marketing Management
Danielle Fraley
253-709-9691 · Email

E.L Window Cleaning
Industry · Window Cleaning
Evan Llewellyn Jr
253-391-9572 · Email

"I hired Evan to come out and clean my windows and rain gutters. I really appreciated his professionalism. He called me to let me know that he might be late because of another job taking longer than expected. He arrived at my house with a smile on his face ready to go to work. I can tell the difference in my windows. No more water spots!! Thank you Evan for saving me the time doing it myself. You need to try Evan and see for yourself. " - Kim Peters, PNW Insurance Group, LLC

Edward Jones
Industry · Financial Services
Shawn Fowler · Chapter Trainer
253-833-8681 · Email
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

"When it come to choosing someone to manage your finances you want someone that will put your requirements first. A person that will listen, will take the time to understand what you and your family future needs are. Shawn stands out above those that are qualified to represent you. I would highly recommend Shawn, a man with integrity that has your best interest and will always do his best to help you." - Carolyn Tolliver, Tolliver’s Travel
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Firmly Planted Reflexology
Industry · Holistic Healing
Holly Anderson
253-508-0978 · Email

"When Holly joined our group, I didn’t know what reflexology was until she did her presentation. She is so knowledgeable about her profession. I had no idea how much our feet and hands play such a key role in our overall health and organs. I am a very active person and there would be mornings I would wake up and have to get my feet warmed up to work. I decided to make an appointment with Holly to really see if working on my feet and hands could make a difference and I must say it has. It’s amazing how much better my feet feel. They don’t feel fatigued and hurt when I get up in the morning. Thank you Holly for your knowledge and your passion for this profession. You are helping so many people find relief. " - Kim Peters, PNW Insurance Group, LLC
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Harborstone Credit Union
Industry · Banking
Dennis Wilson
253.589.8495 · Email · Visit Website

"Dennis helped me get my business banking set up through Harborstone Credit Union. What I appreciate most about Dennis is that he is always available if I have a questions and always answers my emails promptly. We now have three accounts with Harborstone. I highly recommend Dennis Wilson and Harborstone Credit Union for all your banking needs." - Jamie Penrod, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC

Human Resources Northwest
Industry · HR Consulting
Amy Kastberg
206-850-3568 · Email · Visit Website

"I am so thankful to have been connected with Amy Kastberg, of Human Resources Northwest. My business partner and I are hiring and employee and having her knowledge has helped us to formulate a wonderful employee handbook. Thank you Amy!" - Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
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Industry · Nutrition
Heather Hansen Angie Taylor
206-794-2220 · Email · Visit Website

"I ordered the Hydrate lemon lime flavor from Angie with Isagenix . It’s great stuff. It very easy way to get my water in throughout the day, give it a try. " - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care
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Karen Wolfe Photography
Industry · Photography
Karen Wolfe
253-376-4933 · Email · Visit Website

"Karen recently did a headshot for my book cover. That photo truly captured who I am-a writer and approachable. My Editor/Publisher said, "Stunning." Highly recommend Karen for your photographic needs." - Coralee Kulman, Come Alive Today
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Linda's Family Care Services
Industry · Family Care
Linda McKee
253-939-7778 · Email

"Linda offers a variety of services and one of the services I used was staying with our dogs while we were on vacation. I appreciated how attentive she was towards our dogs. She would send me pictures just to let me know that our family pets were doing just fine. She took our dogs for a walk everyday and even let them sleep with her. Our dogs were treated like royalty while Linda was dog sitting. Thank you Linda for taking of our dogs like they were your own." - Kim Peters, PNW Insurance Group, LLC
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PNW Insurance Group, LLC
Industry · Insurance
Kim Peters · Chapter Vice President
253-447-8006 · Email · Visit Website

"Wow, Kim Peters with Peter’s Insurance agency is amazing! I asked if she could look at me insurance plan not knowing if she could find a better plan than my current one. I was completely amazed when she informed me I could get more coverage at a cheaper price. I now have a wonderful insurance plan which also saves me $621 a year. Unbelievable!! Karen Wolfe, Karen Wolfe Photography" - Karen Wolfe, Karen Wolfe Photography
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Redani Designs
Industry · Design
Renee Chandler
253-670-4783 · Email · Visit Website

"Renee knows my design style better than I do. She is so passionate about creating the exact look and feel and has nailed every time. She pushes my boundaries and transforms your living space in to something you’d see in a magazine. Give her your budget and she will create the space of your dreams. " - Sandi Green, Caliber Home Loans
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Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
Industry · Real Estate
Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn
206-697-3640 · Email · Visit Website

"Matt and Jamie are the leaders of real estate in this area. I feel so confident with their expertise and the amount of knowledge they have in this industry. I talked with them about some possible challenges of being a home owner, and they helped me figure out what steps were right for me and my family. They have a team of colleagues that they work close with and together, they are an amazing team! I have referred several clients to them and feel very confident to do so. " - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care
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Rhodes & Associates PLLC
Industry · Accounting
Tamara McGaughey
253-528-0808 · Email · Visit Website

"I recently met with Tamara at Rhodes and Assoc. and she gave me insight with my small business I had no clue about. She offered projections for me that will give me the right information to make an informed decision about my business. I really, really appreciate that. If you need a CPA that really knows what they are doing, check out Tamara and John Chandler. You will be so glad you did!" - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care
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Small Business Bookkeeping
Industry · Bookkeeping
Jennifer Petersen · Chapter Chairman
253-299-6787 · Email · Visit Website

"Jennifer Petersen, owner of Small Business Bookkeeping, is a great resource for me. When my clients need to be referred to a bookkeeper, I send them to Jennifer. I trust her integrity, ability, and reliability 100%." - John Chandler, CPA, Rhodes & Associates PLLC
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Sound Publishing
Industry · Media
Carol Greiling
253-872-6681 · Email · Visit Website

The Brand Wrangler
Industry · Marketing
Carla Conrad
253-249-3039 · Email · Visit Website

Tolliver's Travel
Industry · Travel Consultant
Carolyn Tolliver
206-412-1032 · Email · Visit Website

" Carolyn with Tolliver’s travel is a expert at her field. She has all the right contacts, and can get the job done quickly. I really appreciate that she responds right away. If you were looking for somebody to help you with any travel needs, make sure you call Carolyn. She’s a cruise expert, as well as other types of travel." - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care

Tre Sorelle Salon
Industry · Salon
Larkin Williams
253-249-7293 · Email · Visit Website

"I love the energy that Sarah and Jenn have! My boys LOVE going to their salon to get pampered and they are teenagers. I send everyone I know to them because I know they will be taken care of." - Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
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Vitality Skin Care
Industry · Skin Care
Jenny Haugen
253-249-5309 · Email · Visit Website

"Getting facials from Jenny took taking good care of myself to a whole new level. Not only does Jenny know how to make your face look and feel good, when you are done you feel like you have just been to heaven and back. Relaxed and looking good, you walk out of Jenny’s office with a new confidence and view of your life. " - Coralee Kulman, Come Alive Today
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