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Denali Federal Credit Union
19802 62nd Ave S
Suite 101
Kent, WA 98032

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Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
President: Derek Dykman
Vice-Pres: Karen Biggers
Chairman: Linsey Collier

Industries Included:
College Consulting
Financial Advisor
Food Catering Service
Health and Fitness
Promotional Products
Real Estate
Taxes & Bookkeeping

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Cater 4 You
Industry · Food Catering Service
Ray Ogo
253-981-4637 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

"Ray and Ed have been a breath of fresh air to deal with. We have done a few really small events that I just didn’t want to deal with on my own and I figured they would be too small for Cater 4 You to work on as well, but they weren’t. Even though they were just some appetizer trays and most likely their smallest deal of the month I felt like the most important customer to them. They also helped put a quote together for our company Holiday party and were amazing at it and gave such a great deal. We didn’t end up going a catering route this year and went to a restaurant again, but I know for a fact that we will be using them in the years to come. I’m also proud to support a Veteran Owned business as well, they served our country time for us to help serve them and show we care. Great food, great people, and overall just a great experience. " - Derek Dykman, Denali Federal Credit Union

College Insight
Industry · College Consulting
Elisia Howard
253-208-6982 · Email · Visit Website

Cornerstone Home Lending
Industry · Mortgage
Gillian Anderson
253-642-0331 · Email

Denali Federal Credit Union
Industry · Banking
Derek Dykman · Chapter President
253-234-6292 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

"Awesome Service: I gave Derek the opportunity to open my business accounts as well as my personal accounts a few months ago. Every step of the way Derek and the team at Denali FCU have been incredible with their service. I don’t do a huge volume of transactions, I don’t have a ton of money on deposit, but I always feel like I’m their most important customer. I absolutely recommend Derek and the Denali team. You won’t be disappointed." - Kevin Barquest, Kevin Barquest Agency - AMFAM

Edward Jones
Industry · Financial Advisor
Aaron Postema
425-226-1199 · Email · Visit Website

Kevin Barquest Agency - AMFAM
Industry · Insurance
Kevin Barquest · Chapter Mentor
253-518-1216 · Email · Visit Website

"Kevin at Kevin Barquest Agency was a pleasure doing business with. I have been in the insurance business myself and owned an agency for a few years so I understand a fair amount of what it is. But even with that in mind Kevin treated me like any of his other customers and we did do an insurance needs analyses to insure I had the correct amount of insurance. Kevin made it a point to make sure I understood that I could either 1 of 3 things, 1. Have too much insurance and I’m over paying for things I will never need. 2. I might be right where I need to be. 3. I could possibly be underinsured and would have more out of pocket expenses than what I thought. In the end we did make a few changes to my policy and I feel super confident that my insurance package will protect my family the way it is designed to do. Thank you very much Kevin for insuring my family is protected and having your staff follow up with us to make sure nothing has changed and we are still covered. Top notch agent and you won’t be disappointed with your experience at all." - Derek Dykman, Denali Federal Credit Union

Lily Tran, EA LLC
Industry · Taxes & Bookkeeping
Lily Tran
253-234-7180 · Email · Visit Website

Linsey Collier Wholly Healthy
Industry · Health and Fitness
Linsey Collier · Chapter Chairman
509-499-2389 · Email

"Linsey at Linsey Collier Wholly Healthy has been amazing at helping me take back control of my life. As a former Army Soldier I’ve found that it is super hard to adjust to a career that doesn’t give you build in PT. I also work super long days and have to find a way to still see my family and play with my little man, Linsey has given me a program that fits all those needs. I do a program that doesn’t require much equipment or time; in fact I only need dumbbells and 20-45 minutes and I get a great workout in. I can do this at my house or at the gym whatever works best for my schedule. I can honestly say I have amazing months and I’ve had months where I didn’t put in the work, but Linsey has always been there to motivate me and get back on track. I’ve been using Linsey as a coach for about 3 months now and I haven’t done my 100% best but I’m still down over 15 pounds and doing great. Thank you Linsey for helping me get my life and health back under control!" - Derek Dykman, Denali Federal Credit Union

Universal Creative Concepts
Industry · Promotional Products
Karen Biggers · Chapter Vice President
206-300-6928 · Email · Visit Website

Windermere RE
Industry · Real Estate
Michael Hurter
253-845-5900 · Email · Visit Website

"Mike Hurter from The Hurter Team has been super amazing, plus you get to work with his twin Steve. These two helped us sell our first house for exactly what they told us they would, which was lower than what I had in my head. But they came to our home and gave us what they believe the market would produce us based on their experience and we ended up selling within $500 of that number. My wife and I were super happy because we knew what to expect and our house was sold in 14 days. They also went over and above our expectations when we need a little help with getting our home ready for the market, and once we sold and had problems with the new buys. Another amazing treat is they sent us a copy of our Hud-1 paperwork during tax time reminding us to list we sold and bought a home that year so we didn’t miss any tax breaks we deserved. If you want results that will beat your expectations you need to use The Hurter Team because they don’t disappoint. " - Derek Dykman, Denali Federal Credit Union

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