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Country Inn and Suites Duluth North
4257 Haines Road
Duluth, MN 55811

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Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Nick Garramone
Vice-Pres: Karla Mitchell
Chairman: Danielle Berger

Industries Included:
Automotive Sales
Essential Oils
Financial Advisor
Handcrafted Party Favors
Health Supplements
Promotional Products
Real Estate
Supplemental Insurance
Travel Agency

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9Round Duluth
Industry · Fitness
Geoff and Johanna Rich
(218) 203-9993 · Email · Visit Website

Advantage Group
Industry · Supplemental Insurance
Robyn Lings
218-340-3068 · Email

Aire Serv of NE MN
Industry · HVAC
Bruce Welman
218-879-7378 · Email

Alt_Lead LLC
Industry · Leadership
Marty Byrnes
(218) 464-7201 · Email · Visit Website

"Marty at ALT Lead has the most passion I have ever seen for the businesses he is able to help. The caring, compassionate Marty that I get to see every week for an hour and fifteen minutes is truly a blessing. If your company needs to be rebooted Marty at ALT Lead is your guy!" - Nick Garramone, Edward Jones

Berini Photography
Industry · Photography
Brianna Berini
218-343-3565 · Email

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Berini Photography! Bri is my gal for all of my photos! She has done professional head shots for myself and my team, but has also done my family photos. From weddings to super hero sessions, Bri has a way to capture any moment perfectly!" - Karla Mitchell, State Farm
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Chiroway of Duluth
Industry · Chiropractic
Danielle Berger · Chapter Chairman
877-442-4476 ext 106 · Email

"Danielle has made a tremendous impact in our group already & we are so blessed to have her. Not only is she a terrific member of the group, a phenomenal person but she runs a fantastic & innovative Chiropractic practice at Chiroway. This is unlike any other Chiropractic experience that I have personally have & am so thankful to have met Danielle as a part of this group. I have two young daughters age 1 & 2 & they are so excited when they get to see Danielle & get their "Popcorn" out & live healthier lives. Thank You Danielle!" - Nick Garramone, Edward Jones
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Country Inn & Suites
Industry · Hotel
Janet Broin · Chapter Mentor
218-740-4500 · Email

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Janet Broin of the Country Inn & Suites for taking the time each and every Wednesday to make sure that our conference room is ready to go. it’s an excellent meeting place and the size is just perfect. Thank you Janet. " - Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel LLC
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DKK Accounting LLC
Industry · Accounting
Josh Standley
218-491-4002 · Email · Visit Website

"So, I’ve mentioned that Josh & I have been meeting about doing our business & personal taxes. Well more like Josh educating me on what I need to know and that’s a fantastic quality that Josh offers his clients. He’s answered every question and explained the hows and whys. Today I picked up our taxes and they were very organized and we could go through them very quickly. Josh had set up my quarterlys as well which makes them even more simple to do. Josh provides quality work with a great price. I highly recommend Josh for your taxes. Schedule an appointment and meet with him. You’ll be happy you did. Thank you Josh Standley. #DKKAccounting #Escapebytravel" - Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel LLC
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Duluth Dodge
Industry · Automotive Sales
Jason Goad
218-720-6123 · Email · Visit Website

Duluth Family Dental
Industry · Dentistry
Sarah Kolle
218-279-6300 · Email

Edward Jones
Industry · Financial Advisor
Nick Garramone · Chapter President
218-727-7460 · Email · Visit Website

"Nick has been a great asset to helping me better understand my financial future such as my retirement. We’ve talked about my goals as the years go on and what I really what to be doing when I retire. I needed some guidance to understanding the details behind it all and Nick took the time to do so. He’s very knowledgeable and it shows when explaining things. We have set up a goal and I’m going to reach it. Nick is all about what YOUR goals and needs are and not his. I highly recommend Nick for your retirement goals. Also, if you don’t have any life insurance, you best be thinking about that as well. Nick is your one stop shop for best financial service. Thank you Nick for your awesome service and sense of humor. " - Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel LLC
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Escape by Travel LLC
Industry · Travel Agency
Penny Gellatly
218-591-3058 · Email · Visit Website

"Penny Gellatly is a more than a business person who is looking for referrals to help her small business thrive, she is a champion of our others. Penny is the member who isn’t practicing her commercial while others are presenting. She is the one who puts aside everything else and just listens to understand what the presenter is asking for. You can watch her do this and then process the request and figure out how she can help. She does this when we have training and then follows the directions. The cool part is it rubs off and others are starting to do the same thing. Penny makes it so we all want to do what she does. She is a fantastic partner to all of us in our chapter. Thanks Penny. " - Marty Byrnes ALT-LEAD We reboot your team!
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Frandsen Bank & Trust
Industry · Banking
Katie Frank
218-879-6000 · Email · Visit Website

"Katie Frank from Frandsen Bank in Cloquet has just been amazing to work with. I enjoy listening to Katie when she’s explaining things at our meetings and how she tells her story. Katie has a ROCKSTAR personality with all positive vibes.Katie has offered some great commercials options that work with my clients & when I follow up with my clients, they can only say wonderful things about Katie. They happy how she’s about to make things simple for them. Thank you Katie for all that you do with Biz to Biz and your work at Frandsen. " - Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel LLC
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Frandsen Bank & Trust
Industry · Mortgage
Gene Pelletier
218-878-4861 · Email

iCandy Paper Treats
Industry · Handcrafted Party Favors
Tricia Neubarth
218-348-0342 · Email · Visit Website

Nu Luxe Salon
Industry · Salon
Bree Morton
218-878-1941 · Email

"Bree is brand new to our group and she’s fitting in just great. She’s taking notes during our meetings to learn more about who we are and what we are looking for. I had a Power Hour yesterday with her and I’m so interested in learning all the different techniques they offer for hair styling. Also, they will close a shop down to the public for a wedding party as they are taking care of them all. Allowing for the wedding party to bring in their snacks & drinks to start the celebration. I had a hair cut & eyebrow waxing. I asked for her to keep my length as much as she could and layer up the rest. She did just that and I love it. I highly recommend her. Thank you Bree Morton." - Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel LLC

Real Living Messina and Associates
Industry · Real Estate
Gage Hartman
218-821-0998 · Email · Visit Website

Screen Graphics/Uniform Connection
Industry · Promotional Products
Bill Owens
715-394-2067 · Email · Visit Website

"I always work with Bill for promotional products and I’ve always been happy with the high quality of the products at a fair price. My clients really enjoy getting a fun gifts such as a custom pizza cutter, or a really cool camo hat with my logo stitched on in blaze orange. Thanks Bill!" - Karla Mitchell, State Farm

State Farm
Industry · Insurance
Karla Mitchell · Chapter Vice President
218-722-4069 · Email · Visit Website

"I have had the opportunity to get to know Karla for more than a year now & can honestly say I do not know of another Insurance agent that always has her clients best needs at heart. Karla & her staff will be there for you & your family through good times & bad & to make sure that what is most important to you is protected. We are blessed to have Karla in our group & protecting the needs of folks in our community." - Nick Garramone, Edward Jones
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Tranquil Touch Massage Therapy
Industry · Massage
Gretchen Johnson
218-391-8043 · Email

"Had a massage from Gretchen yesterday after the meeting. I have a terrible cold and not only did she work the knots out of my muscles, she also worked on my lymph glands to get them to start draining. It was a real help to get me through the rest of my day. Her new location at the "Well" is very nice and super convenient. Gretchen is a skilled Massage Therapist and I’m so glad to have met her though our group." - Vicki Martin, Quantum Point Strategies
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Waxing North LLC
Industry · Waxing
Melinda Gustafson
218-481-5323 · Email

Young Living Essential Oils
Industry · Essential Oils
Noreen Peterson
218-393-0750 · Email · Visit Website

"I’ve been networking with Noreen Peterson, Young Living oil distributor for about 2yrs. now. Noreen is extremely knowledgeable about her oils and how they can make a difference in your life. Each week she’s prepared with a great commercial and always looking for ways to grow. I have recently purchased the ’Starter Kit’ and waiting for it to arrive. I know you may know someone that sells the oils, but are they knowledgeable? You need to reach out to Noreen as she’s helped so many people that couldn’t sleep at night, women going through menapause and cronic pain where they are getting relief from the natural oils. Thank you Noreen for being you. #lakesuperioroilers " - Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel LLC
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Zone into Health
Industry · Health Supplements
Tracy Cannon
218-391-2774 · Email

"Tracy at Zone into Health is a great person to know! Immediately after we sat down for a Power Hour I knew she would be helpful to me. Tracy has helped me to get rid of all the toxic chemicals in my home and office at a more affordable rate than I ever imagined! She knows the answers to my questions about certain products and has legitimate research to back her responses. She is very passionate about her business and has a clear vision for how she wants to help others who are looking for a safer and more simple shopping experience. I have been using the products from for a few months now and I can’t believe I didn’t find this website sooner! My husband is even impressed with the cost of the items and how well they work in our home! I am so happy to have met Tracy Cannon from Zone into Health and I am looking forward to trying more products!!" - Danielle Berger, ChiroWay of Duluth
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