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Butte Plaza Mall
3100 Harrison Ave
Butte, MT 59701

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Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 7:30 a.m.
President: Todd Schreier
Vice-Pres: Misty Conniston
Chairman: Jerry Jordan

Industries Included:
Business Consulting
General Construction
Health and Wellness Coach
Property and Casualty Insurance
Property Management
Real Estate

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Butte Staggering Ox
Industry · Restaurant
Tracy Skocilich
406-299-3948 · Email

Butte Troop
Industry · Labor
Ian Jordan
406-533-9536 · Email

Feed Your Life
Industry · Health and Wellness Coach
Chuck Haynes
406-560-5211 · Email

Harrison Avenue Realty
Industry · Real Estate
Jerry Jordan · Chapter Chairman
406-494-2200 · Email

Montana Moving and Labor
Industry · Moving
Scott Bruni
406-491-0506 · Email

Nielsen Property Management
Industry · Property Management
Cristin Nielsen
406-533-5253 · Email

Over The Top Roofing, INC
Industry · Roofing
Lisa Byers
406-565-5777 · Email

Paffhausen State Farm
Industry · Property and Casualty Insurance
Misty Conniston · Chapter Vice President
406-565-4363 · Email · Visit Website

Schreier Group LLC
Industry · Business Consulting
Todd Schreier · Chapter President
406-299-3122 · Email

Warren Harris Construction
Industry · General Construction
Kim Moderie
406-548-8048 · Email
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

Wells Fargo
Industry · Banking
Allie Jolly
406-533-7005 · Email

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