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First Montana Title
2737 Montana Ave
Billings, MT 59101

Courtesy of: Google Mapstm
Meeting Day: Tuesday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Beth Roll
Vice-Pres: Ginger Roll
Chairman: Adam Gross

Industries Included:
Business Acquisitions
Ecofriendly Products
Exterior Remodeling
Financial Services
Floor Cleaning
Health Coach
IT Services
Low Voltage Contractor
Massage Therapy
Media Marketing
Private Investigator
Promotional Products
Property Management
Real Estate
Residential Building & Design
Supplemental Insurance
Title Company
Voice Over Artist
Wine Sales

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Advanced Dental Professionals
Industry · Dentistry
Amanda Zaugg
406-245-5556 · Email · Visit Website

Big Sky Asset Insurance
Industry · Supplemental Insurance
Bart Skinner
406-672-8675 · Email

Billings Heights, Inc
Industry · Real Estate
Jason Lillie
406-670-7314 · Email

CK Tech
Industry · Low Voltage Contractor
Libby Kahnke
406-899-8076 · Email · Visit Website

Connoisseur Media
Industry · Media Marketing
Kyle Benton
406-248-7777 · Email · Visit Website

Direct Cellars
Industry · Wine Sales
Lynn Serrano
406-591-9050 · Email · Visit Website

Econo Print
Industry · Printer
Waldi Bloom
406-294-1197 · Email · Visit Website

Elite Investigations
Industry · Private Investigator
Mike Toth
406-698-8911 · Email · Visit Website

Exterior Design Solutions
Industry · Exterior Remodeling
Howard Ruzick
406-702-0596 · Email

First Montana Title
Industry · Title Company
Kelly Donovan
406-248-3000 · Email · Visit Website

GPS Electric
Industry · Electrical
Brandon Matz
406-581-3536 · Email

Heishman Floor Cleaning
Industry · Floor Cleaning
Steven Heishman
406-861-0136 · Email

Logotype Promotions
Industry · Promotional Products
Mike Kindsfater
406-545-3400 · Email · Visit Website

Meier Chiropractic
Industry · Chiropractic
Donald Smith III
406-651-5433 · Email

Merenz Insurance Agency
Industry · Insurance
Jeanette Albrecht
406-294-9114 · Email

Morrison-Maierle Systems
Industry · IT Services
Tara Hubbard
406-237-1211 · Email

Newmans Healthcoaching
Industry · Health Coach
Amber Newman
406-314-0717 · Email · Visit Website

North-South Building
Industry · Residential Building & Design
Nathan Blanding
406-672-3378 · Email

Industry · Ecofriendly Products
Becky Price
406-698-1431 · Email · Visit Website

Pure Barre Billings
Industry · Fitness
Tanya Ferber
406-534-2883 · Email · Visit Website

Retirement Solutions
Industry · Financial Services
Adam Gross · Chapter Chairman
406-294-7526 · Email · Visit Website

Rocky Mountain Bank
Industry · Banking
Jessica Watts
406-655-5177 · Email · Visit Website

Rocky Mountain Bank
Industry · Mortgage
Stephanie Douglas
406-655-5131 · Email

Roll's Voice
Industry · Voice Over Artist
Ginger Roll · Chapter Vice President
406-351-2559 · Email

Servpro of Billings
Industry · Restoration
Bonnie Feiock
406-252-0859 · Email · Visit Website

Sucasa Property Management
Industry · Property Management
Sara Hatfield
406-850-2858 · Email

The Massage Company
Industry · Massage Therapy
Danielle Adelman
406-318-0752 · Email

The Ritzz Salon
Industry · Esthetician
Beth Caldwell · Chapter President
406-652-0555 · Email · Visit Website

Tiger Painting
Industry · Painting
Rinney Fujiwara
406-850-2941 · Email

Yellowstone Business Acquisitions
Industry · Business Acquisitions
Mellani Reese
406-200-3062 · Email

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