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McPetes Sports Bar and Lanes
590 E Humboldt Dr
Big Lake, MN 55309

Courtesy of: Google Mapstm
Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Scott Schulz
Chairman: Carla Von Bank

Industries Included:
Apparel Decoration
Asphalt Services
Automotive Repair
Automotive Sales
Online Shopping

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Busch Automotive
Industry · Automotive Repair
Luke Busch
320-291-0905 · Email

Cornerstone KIA
Industry · Automotive Sales
Tyronne Gibson
763-516-8424 · Email

CrossFit Confidence
Industry · Fitness
Matthew Pantze
320-267-3807 · Email · Visit Website
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

"I have tried out many gyms and none of them were as focused on helping me personally improve like Crossfit Confidence! The people there are like a close family and so inviting to new members, I felt like I was right at home. Matt takes the time to make sure everyone is safe and that the workouts are on your level, but difficult enough to keep pushing me to my max! Best gym I have been a member of in years! " - Laura Rike - Envizion Advertising

Erickson Asphalt
Industry · Asphalt Services
Thomas Cleveland
763-631-1124 · Email · Visit Website

Great River Spine & Sport
Industry · Chiropractic
Scott Schulz · Chapter President
763-260-8401 · Email · Visit Website

Hubbard Electric
Industry · Electrical
Carla Von Bank · Chapter Chairman
763-263-8334 · Email

Insurance Specialists Team
Industry · Insurance
Kristin Harris
763-244-3735 · Email · Visit Website

Majestic Creations
Industry · Apparel Decoration
Bobbi Scherping
763-261-2174 · Email · Visit Website

Results Mortgage
Industry · Mortgage
John Callahan
763-635-7218 · Email · Visit Website
Industry · Online Shopping
Wendy Hess
320-362-0657 · Email

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